What we do

To transport your car fast and efficiently from one location to another, we own a professional air-suspended single trailer.

This adjustable trailer can smoothly transport – by means of its large tailgate and multifunctional equipment – all vehicles, also the ones with a very low base.

Whichever are the specifications of your exclusive car, our semitrailer has the necessary equipment. Up to six vehicles can be transported simultaneously, whether the location is a workshop, a car show, a fair, a racing circuit or a movie set.

Our semitrailer is one of a kind and is completely custom made. Exceptional, among other things, are the fire extinguisher system, the casting floor closed for fluids, the hydraulic floors, the 3 tons charging elevator , remote controlled steering axle, …

Did you acquire a vehicle on the other side of the world? Would you like to participate in an event, a rally or a race overseas?

No problem! MW-Automotive takes care of the necessary transport and formalities.


About us

MW-Automotive BV, founded in 2002 and situated southwest from Brussels is a specialized car transport company with a clear goal.

Because your cars are our concern, we have been striving for perfection and the highest possible service quality in our sector ever since we started. We do this with heart and soul. This is reflected in the quality of our equipment, our organisation, our personal approach, etc.
Vehicles such as old-timers, prototypes and racecars demand a specific treatment according your concrete expectations and needs. MW-Automotive responds to these in the most optimal way and will always offer you car transport of a premium level.

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